The 4 R’s…


The 4 R’s…

Shower Repair Guys: Your Bathroom Repair Experts

after tile flooring


If your shower is looking mouldy or your grout has deteriorated, our regrout service can help.

We use specialist tools designed to minimise the risk of chipping tiles to remove ALL grout without compromising the waterproof/substrate underneath.

Using only Ardex products, we push new grout into the grout lines to seal the space between tiles; we then apply silicone to all corner and base joints in your shower area to ensure long-lasting, mould-free results.

Left side: Original dated bathroom with worn tiles and outdated fixtures.Right side: Transformed modern bathroom after renovation with new tiles, fixtures, and enhanced design.


We offer a complete shower rebuild service if your shower is beyond repair. Shower rebuilds are recommended when the water damage is past the point of no return, and it is in your best interest to eradicate your leak problems.

During a Shower Rebuild, we remove the entire Shower area, including damaged timbers. We start from scratch. Following the Australian Standards, we install a completely new shower area.

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Modern free standing shower

A bathroom rejuvenation is a cost-effective way to give your bathroom a new lease on life. Cleaning is virtually impossible once the grout or silicone goes mouldy or discolours, which is why we recommend this service. Save time, trouble, and money with The Shower Repair Guys.


Contemporary bathroom with a sleek and modern design, featuring two mirrors with two sinks.

Our team of qualified and licensed tradesmen can handle bathroom renovations of all sizes, from small like-for-like swaps to entirely new layouts. Rest assured, The Shower Repair Guys will look after you.

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Need A Hassle-Free Quote?

We aim to make your experience with The Shower Repair Guys as straightforward as possible. If you would like a no-hassle quote send photos and approximate measurements and we will provide you with an estimation without taking up too much of your time.

Alternatively, we also offer free, no-obligation on-site visits.