Everything You Need To Know About The Shower Repair Guys

More Than Just Shower Repairs…

Bathrooms, we rely on them daily, and when there is something wrong, or it isn’t functioning as it should, it can create a lot of havoc. At The Shower Repair Guys, we are VBA registered building practitioners specialising in waterproofing and relining showers, but did you know it’s not all we do?

Our professional team can provide you with a plethora of other services because we care about bathrooms. Whether it’s the drip-drip of a leaking shower, putting in or replacing tiles, or even rejuvenating your space, you can be confident that you are getting more than just shower repairs with our professional team on hand.

rejuvenated bathroom with large shower and floating vanity

Bathroom Rejuvenation & Renovation Refresh

Making changes in your wet area can be quite disruptive to family life, but sometimes it needs a little rejuvenation to freshen it up or a full renovation if you want to change the flow. As a team that does more than just shower repairs, we can help give your wet area a refreshing look without having to remove any plumbing or we have plumbers on hand for those bigger jobs. We are in the business of making dreams come true across Melbourne without all the hassle and fuss. Our unique methods give us an edge over our competitors.

large shower and dark vanity, round mirror


One of the hardest parts of your wet space to keep clean is its tiling and grout. Once your grout gets mouldy and discoloured, it can be challenging to get clean, which is why we use our expertise to replace the grout and tiles. It’s also a great way to refresh your bathroom without having to replace everything. Adding a pop of colour or a textured tile can do a lot to lift a room and take it from drab to fab!

Your Melbourne Specialists

We care about bathrooms, and this is evident when we deliver our services to you. The team are continually striving to bring the most up-to-date techniques to your wet areas so your family can seamlessly use this space each day. We do so much more than shower repairs but can assist with every aspect, including tiling, bathroom or balcony repair.

The Shower Repair Guys are registered with Victorian Building Authority (VBA) and therefore all work undertaken is honestly priced and delivered to a high standard. Jamie and his experienced team invite you to contact them on 0421 600 735 or Click here to send an email for a free no-obligation quote.