The Best Shower Rebuild or Renovation Starts from The Base Up!

Everyone knows that to be great, you need to have a strong base. And Shower Repairs are no different, having a strong shower base will enable your shower to stand the test of time, leak-free.

Today I am going to take you through what bases we use in our Shower Rebuild work and when you’d most likely use them!

First up, is the Polymarble Base

These bases have been around for a long time, and with good reason:

Polymarble bases are sturdy, reliable and fairly priced. They can be used on both timber and concrete substrates and are easy to maintain.

However, as they have also moved with the times, our supplier uses modern low profile Stonelite component to manufacture their bases, which comes in a range of sizes and styles. We install these by pouring a cement-based compound and laying the base in line with the waste. They are quite heavy, so as the glue dries the base is now secured in position.

Large polymarble base used in shower rebuild

Next up we have the Universal Tile on Shower Base

The Universal Tile on Shower Bases are a favourite here at The Shower Repair Guys. They come in a range of sizes and waste styles/positioning. These bases are manufactured here, in Australia and are inserted into the timber floor to achieve a flush entry shower. Not only does the finished result look amazing, but they are also pretty much foolproof when installed correctly! These bases require lots of support to ensure there is no movement.

To install, we cut out the floorboards, notch into the joists, box off the area underneath with structural timber and insert the base into the floor.

These are then secured, waterproofed and tiled to achieve a flush entry into the shower area. These bases are more costly than their polymarble counterparts but are just as reliable to ensure that your shower stays leak-free.

Lastly, we have the good old sand and cement Screed

Screed used in a shower rebuild

Screeds are used when our client’s bathroom is on a concrete slab and if the client is looking to achieve a flush entry shower. A screed can be applied to timber floors, but that is not a service we offer, as we believe the Universal Tile on Bases is a superior product on a timber structure.

To achieve a screed, we would first need to dig into the concrete slab, to ensure the correct fall can be achieved. Our trusted licensed plumber will install a new waste trap and a control flange. We then pour in the screed mixture, avoiding filling the waste! We then create our levels to ensure there is sufficient fall in the screed for the water to drain away as quickly as possible. The aim is to have no water pooling on the base. Once dry, we then apply a barrier coating, prior to the application of waterproof. The base is then tiled and a flush entry base on a concrete slab has been achieved.

The Shower Repair Guys are registered with Victorian Building Authority (VBA) and therefore all work undertaken is honestly priced and delivered to a high standard. Jamie and his experienced team invite you to contact them on (03) 7067 7623 or Click here to send an email for a free no-obligation quote.